CAS 6303-21-5 Hypophosphorous acid

Hypophosphorous acid is a reducing agent. Strong monobasic acid. The aqueous solution is acidic and can be gradually oxidized in the air at room temperature. Contact with H porogen will cause burning. Combustible by violent reaction with oxidizing agents. Decompose highly toxic phosphine gas by high heat, even explode. Corrosive.

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English name Hypophosphorousacid
English synonyms HYPOPHOSPHORUSACID, 30% (W/V) SOLUTION; HYPOPHOSPHORUSACID, 50% (W/V) SOLUTION; Hypophosphorus acid: (Phosphinic acid); iveliquid, acidic, inorganic ,nos); waq.soln.;HYPOPHOSPHORUSACIDSOLUTION50%AQUEOUS
CAS No. 6303-21-5
Molecular formula HO2P
Molecular weight 63.980501
EINECS No. 228-601-5

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