CAS 34911-51-8 2-Bromo-3′-chloropropiophenone(2B3C)



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  • Product name 2-Bromo-3′-chloropropiophenone
  • CAS number 34911-51-8
  • MF C9H8BrClO
  • MW 247.52
  • EINECS 252-282-1
  • Boiling point 148-148.5 °C(Press: 9 Torr)
  • Density 1.532
  • Refractive index 1.5770
  • Storage temp Refrigerator, Under Inert Atmosphere
  • Solubility Soluble in acetonitrile, chloroform, dichloromethane and ethyl acetate.
  • Form Liquid
  • Color Colorless to pale yellow

Usage for 2-Bromo-3′-chloropropiophenone(2B3C) CAS 34911-51-8

It used as an important intermediate for raw material and intermediate used in organic synthesis agrochemical, pharmaceutical and dyestuff field.

*NOTICE Always prioritize safety and adhere to relevant regulations when dealing with chemicals. Misuse or unauthorized use of certain substances can have serious legal consequences.

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Synonyms for 2-Bromo-3′-chloropropiophenone(2B3C) CAS 34911-51-8
  • 34911-51-8.
  • 2-Bromo-3′-chloropropiophenone.
  • 2-bromo-1-(3-chlorophenyl)propan-1-one.
  • 2-Bromo-1-(3-chlorophenyl)-1-propanone.
  • 1-Propanone, 2-bromo-1-(3-chlorophenyl)-


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