CAS 12053-18-8 Copper chromite

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Product Information of Copper chromite

Product Name: Copper chromite
Synonyms: CopperChromite(Ba/MnPromoted);copper(ii) chromium(iii) oxide;COOPER CHROMITE;oxo-(oxochromiooxy)chromium;Oxocopper;COPPER(II) CHROMITE;COPPERCHROMIUM OXIDE;COPPER CHROMITE CATALYST
CAS NO: 12053-18-8
Molecular Weight: 231.54
Molecular Formula: Cr2CuO4
Exact Mass: 162.85500
InChI Key::
Hazard Statements: O,Xi,T
Appearance: Brown to black Powder
Purity: >99%
Storage: Sealed in a cool, dry environment

Uses of Copper chromite

Copper chromite is primarily used as a catalyst forhydrogenation reactions because of its ability to hydrogenate functional groupsin aliphatic and aromatic compounds selectively. Industrially, copper chromiteis used to reduce furfural to furfuryl alcohol and butyraldehyde to 1-butanol,partially reduce conjugated dienes to monoenes, and selectively reduce carbonylgroups in vegetable oils. This CuCr catalyst is studied for a variety ofcatalytic applications including converting the hydrogenolysis of cellulose.It is also used as a catalyst for combustion to help control burn rate and as alight-absorbing pigment.

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